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Fortress Świnoujście - Świnoujście

An endless Horizon
between Water and Land

Świnoujście is an island city with international atmosphere that is surrounded by the Baltic Sea in the North, by the Swine River in the East and by the Stettiner Haff in the South. Świnoujście belongs to the most famous resorts on the Polish Baltic Coast and has a high frequency of international tourists. It is situated in a Seascape of amazing natural beauty. Of 44 islands only the three islands Uznam/Usedom, Wolin/Wollin and Karsibór/Kaseburg are inhabited. This natural paradise makes Świnoujście so favorable as a tourist place.

Fortress Świnoujście - Świnoujście
biking between fortifications


Postal Adress:
Municipality of Świnoujście
Wojska Polskiego 1/5 street
PL-72-600 Świnoujście
Phone: +48 (0)91 / 327 86 06
Fax: +48 (0)91 / 321 56 23
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Tourist Info:
Tourist Information Centre
Wybrzeże Władysława IV street
PL-72-600 Świnoujście
Phone: +48 (0)91 / 322 49 99
Fax: +48 (0)91 / 327 16 29
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Fortress Świnoujście:
The Angel’s Fort
Leaseholders: E.& P. Kośmider
Jachtowa street
PL-72-600 Świnoujście
Mobile: +48 (0)601 76 71 71
Phone/Fax: +48 (0)91 321 35 71
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The Gerhard’s Fort
Leaseholders: Piotr Piwowarczyk
Karol Estraicher’s
Scientific Association
Bunkrowa street
PL-72-602 Świnoujście
Mobile: +48 (0)503 741 307
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The Western Fort
Leaseholders: Association of
Fort Enthusiasts –“Reduta”
Piotr Laskowski
Jachtowa street
PL-72-600 Świnoujście
Mobile: +48 (0)508 738 118
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Each fort has its own
characteristics and their guides

Guides from tourist offices are in
Polish, German and English

Coast- and River constructions

Fortress Świnoujście consists of a series of newperiod and modern defensive works, which have survived in good condition. They were built at the mouth of the River Swine. This position has always had a strategic importance for the militarily. The oldest 19th century defensive works, still extant and accessible for visitors, protected the Swine estuary and the port from water or land attacks. Conversions were made in the course of time and heavy batteries were added.

Further extensions and additions for heavy artillery were made in the early 20th century and again in 1934. Long-range, anti-aircraft and shore protection batteries were built up to the Second World War.

After the war, Świnoujście became a marine base for the Soviet Baltic fleet. At the same time, the forces of the former People’s Republic of Poland were given the task of coastal defense. Several works (Eastern Beach barrier battery, Batterie Leśna (Forst battery), fire control for BatteryGöben, battalion defensive area) will be discussed further on account of their architectural and technical interest.

Fort Anioła (Engelsburg of “Angel Fort”, Werk III)
on Uznam Island

The tower Fort (1854–58) is situated on the left bank of the Swine River and was intended to protect the Swine estuary together with Fort Gerhard on the opposite side. The regular pentagonal layout was surrounded with a double wet ditch and
a rampart. Gun positions were placed in the tower casemates, on the rampart and on the terrace. A Soviet radio post was located here in the post-war period. The fort owes its name to its similarity to the eponymous mausoleum of the Roman emperor

Fort “Gerhard” (Eastern Battery) on Wolin Island

Work on the Eastern Battery (Fort Gerhard) began in 1856 situated on the right bank of the Swine close to the lighthouse, the entire site was long covered with bushes and trees. It was leased by an enthusiastic “Fortress commander” who wanted to
restore it as an attraction to open it to the public in 2001.

The Western Fort on Uznam Island

The Western Fort (1856-1861) was a Prussian fort to protect the port from enemy ships. The original name of the fort “Werk IV“ was changed from “Batterie A“ into “Westbatterie“ and later to “Battery Henningsen“. Its construction is based on a one-storied redoubt on a square plan. It was fortified until the year 1863 with brick wings and surrounded by earth embankments and a moat.


Fortress events
Sea Day June
Days of Navy International
Music Festival “Organ
Evenings in Świnoujście”
Artistic Festival
of Academic Youth – FAMA
International Floating
Festival of Marine
International Świnoujście –
Wolgast Marathon
Uznam Music Festival October

along Fortress Locations

Gerhard‘s Fort is the beginning of a four-kilometer
educational trail called “the fortification path“. It is equipped with resting sites and educational boards.
The path includes some Prussian objects from the First and the Second World War and some “CoId War“ objects.

It is possible to order a tour guide for organized groups and to buy some souvenirs connected with the fort and town.

Prussian Drill
in a historical setting

The Gerhard‘s Fort offers visits in the company of Prussian soldiers and the Fort‘s Commanding Officer. Obligatory, it is drill supervised by the Commanding Officer and a ubiquitous, voracious goat regiment. The tour ends with the receiving of a certificate and a shot from the XIX-centurycanon.

This is a tough training, a journey in time, during which visitors are going through the darkness test. They learn the army drill and spend some time with the ghost of Julia of Świnoujście in the underground dungeons. The army secret! It is also possible to come for night visits and organize all kinds of parties, bon fire or stay in one of the fort‘s chambers.

There are also the open-fort-days called the Days of Maritime Fortress, where all kinds of surprises for the tourists, i.e. the Commanding Officer‘s sword tournament, night drills and treasure hunting are offered.

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